German voice-over actor Andreas Brenner

You have my voice! And that means both a professional service – with more than 20 years of experience – and a quick service. I am ready to work at any time ... well, almost any time ;) And it is this combination that my customers tend to appreciate.

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  • Over 20 years of experience
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Andreas Brenner (*1983)


German (native language)


Completely digital
Microphone: Neumann U87
Narrator's booth: Desone
Studio monitor: Genlec
Mixing desk: DHD RX2


SessionLink Pro
IP Codec Mayah Centauri




When I was twelve years old, I visited a radio studio for the first time and read the children's news. At that moment, I decided that was what I wanted to do when I grew up!

For 17 years, I hosted all of the time slots at Radio Fantasy in Augsburg, including the morning show. At the same time, I completed an apprenticeship as a voice-over actor and an apprenticeship as a media designer, before I decided to become self-employed in 2003. Since January 2020, I have been running my own limited company, which means that my offers are not subject to any fees payable to the German Social Security Insurance Scheme for Artists and Writers.

As a German voice-over talent, I feel at home in almost any field. My personal favourites are explanatory videos, commercials and video films, but I also feel very comfortable with telephone announcements and as a radio station voice.

Through my principal occupation of narrator and my own studio, I am always ready for new projects. My studio is state-of-the-art and guarantees the best possible quality. Through the use of Dante – and the complete avoidance of analogue signal routing – it is possible to guarantee a flawless result at all times. Production with SessionLink Pro, Source Connect Now, IP Codec, telephone or Skype is also no problem.

Therefore, there is only one last question: When will I hear from you?



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All offers free of ksk fees.

For creative services in Germany, a fee is normally payable to the Social Security Insurance Scheme for Artists and Writers (KSK). This currently amounts to 4.2% of the net value of the order, and is automatically payable by the contracting party.

Exception: for payments to legal entities (e.g. GmbH, UG, AG, e.V.), no fees to the Social Security Insurance Scheme for Artists and Writers are due. The invoicing for all narrator services is completed in the name of BrennerMedien GmbH. This means that you do not have to pay any fees to the KSK.

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